Sunday, December 16, 2007

Neat-O Resources

Nobody should have to recreate the wheel. As educators, we are all busy. I sure know I am! I enjoy finding new resources that prove useful in my teaching. I wouldn't be a good colleague if I didn't share them with you, would I?

Cindy's Support
This site has lots of great supports for working with children who are on the Autism Spectrum. I explored this site because there are many links for making visuals. I am a big believer in having visuals in the early childhood classroom, regardless of whether there are children who have a high need for visuals or not. Visuals paired with words are a great way to get children reading.

Mrs. Jones Room
This is a great resource. Some of the items are not appropriate for the students in my room, but there are a wide range of activities here that can be modified to meet your needs!

Professional Development Center In Autism
This is great place to find lots of wonderful classroom resources. Again, these things are helpful regardless of whether you have a student with Autism.

Wellness Ways
This is a great website where you can formulate your own picture recipes!

Parent Educator Websites
This is a great list of some speech pathology information and resources. Again, these are things that would be helpful for you regardless of whether you have a student with a speech need.

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