Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The first week of school!

This is the first official Head Start week. My new students arrived on Tuesday with their backpacks and boxes of Kleenex. So far, so good! At this point I only have ten children in my room. I MUST have seventeen to get full capacity. I currently have six that are Head Start and child care dual enrollment (so I see them all day) and four that are Head Start only (they leave at noon).

Numbers being low is a not a good thing general Head Start purposes because we need to stay at a certain level of enrollment. However, low numbers mean that I really get to develop a great relationship with my students and I get some great observation notes written. Observation notes are part of how I do my on-going assessments. I've decided that since I'm thinking about writing good observations, I would include some links to help you write excellent observations as well. Enjoy!

Classroom Assessment
Observation Guidelines
PBS Article

A free on-line journal

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